We’re raising money to free Joy using every legal avenue available. Please donate & share –> DONATE ONLINE

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Commissary money for personal items can be sent directly to Joy using JPay. Alternatively, one can send in allowable personal items from this list directly to Joy at her mailing address. Please contact her first to see what she is in need of. Clothing and scarves are not allowed in blue, orange, black or grey.

Letters of support to Joy are strongly encouraged. Let her know that she’s not alone in the struggle for equality & justice!

You can also email Joy through JPay. Just enter NY and her ID number in the sidebar to begin.

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Legal Initiatives

Contact info[at]freejoypowell.org or Joy directly if you are a paralegal or attorney who could assist with her appeal, or an investigative journalist wanting to expose the judicial misconduct in this case.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the office of Governor Cuomo is reviewing a commutation application for Joy. Letters of support addressed to Governor Cuomo can be emailed to us at info[at]freejoypowell.org. Contact us for more details.

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