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Family, this is to inform everyone that a decision was reached by institution staff concerning their claims that our Sister Joy Powell was not compliant with their ever-changing policies. Our Beloved Sister was given 45 days in Solitary Confinement with no time credited for the two weeks she has already sat in the SHU which the facility considers to be dead-time.
The Free Joy Powell Support Team to please write letters of encouragement to our Beloved Sister at the address below since she has no access to JPay and she is dealing with a number of health concerns and we need her encouraged and uplifted and resolute in her resolve to overcome this obstacle which we know has been determined to be nothing more than a tool of torture meant to break minds and souls. But our support and love can carry our Beloved Sister through this difficult period.

One Love

Write Letters:
Joy Powell, #07G0632 Bedford Hills Correctional Facility247 Harris RoadBedford Hills, NY 10507