Yesterday was 100 degrees. It’s 65 today. I feel a chill, the skies are grey. Held captive in the tomb’s this isn’t my fate…These football numbers will one day go away.

In 2020 caught Ole Rona, almost met my maker. Fooled ole slew foot satan said, “I’ll take her”. The Po-Po gave it to me “While Acting Under The Color Of The State”. The devil thought he had me but I got away. All praise’s due to God, he’s amazing, he’s great!! Truth be told, when I first had to isolate myself, I was afraid as my body was on display. My Doctor had to remind me of who I serve and imparted faith.

I was on oxygen for about a month, I said, “Lord this can’t be it”. I got work to do, and what about the kids. Had fever for two weeks straight, I was so weak and my lungs were becoming unresponsive. God healed me., and that’s no-nonsense…

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, you know Independence Day. On that note racism is the real underlined that need not be fazed. The only way to make Amerikkka what it never was, “Great”. Is to handle her scandal and address the historical, psychologically taught hate…

Questions, Mr. President and Lady VP Elect. There’s a major issue that needs to be addressed. My people are on my mind, and my heart is pressed. Why is it 2021, and the Black vote is still being suppressed, although it’s a “Fundamental Right”, but our vote is posed as a threat?

What’s really going on, that it’s preferred that People of Color would do like Derrick Chauvin, and rest by keeping feet, and knees on each other’s necks?

I must admit in 2020 I was extremely impressed, to see how Blacks held it down at those voting poles. To turn Red States, Green was the goal we chose and the oppressors froze in grief and disbelief. My people want change relief from abuse by police.

And, while we’re on the subject of change. The Black Culture is a symbol of struggle, and of course, we’re no strangers to pain. So, how dare white talk show hosts tell us we shouldn’t cry when our children are being slaughtered by the police. Why are you going super hard with all of these commercials about the Covid-19 Vaccines, which is very scary for me?

Especially when I was offered the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine just a few weeks before. As if we don’t watch the news, T.V.., and read. I took that as if they were offering me the Death Penalty by Lethal Injection! Being that it was only a month prior taken off of the shelf. They knew that experiment is the #1 killer Vaccine and bad for my health. As an inmate I was treated as Ump the Gump the Neighborhood chump, that’s stuck on stupid, in between crazy and dumb.

So my question Is, what’s up with prison reform while the prison walls are bursting open at the seams with seriously mentally ill, broken battered, and abused victims, who are exploited victims turned suspects due to a broken system?

Why isn’t billions spent to get the wrongfully convicted with overwhelming evidence to prove their innocence advertised on every radio, and television station? We need to have this conversation and not let the subject stay on hiatus. Or, is it a 450 Century?

Why is crime going down but massive incarceration on these modern-day plantations expanding with the fabrication? Wherewithall, I have a College Education and the only option offered me is deduced to cleaning toilet’s, and mopping floors at 59 years old. Based upon the color of my skin.

On a daily basis, the above-mentioned are some of the ill effects of an oppressive system I’m faced with. “For $10 cents an hour that is”. Although, I’m an Afrikan Woman who is qualified to work in the Law Library, just as I previously had for 5 years.

I was a licensed Cosmetologist, an Instructor Assistant prior to any wrongful convictions, a Pastor, and an Activist who ran a Safe Haven for kids at risk. Home Health Aide and I obtained a Sight Guide Certification as well as a Legal Research Certificate since my illegal captivity.

So, my question is, why do they call this the Department of Corrections when if you don’t have the complexion for the connection, and protection, and Black/Afrikans non-whites, or melanated non-assimilators struggle just to survive, and or get proper directions?

To each his own with those vaccines. It’s not for me. I will continue to wear my mask, wash my hands, social distance, and use bleach to clean.

My question Mr. President and Lady VP Elect. Were you just gaslighting us to get our trust, and then throw us under the bus? Or, are you going to keep your promise to address and reform the overwhelming atrocities, and inequalities that manifest to progress within the judicial systems and our communities which we have been arbitrarily subjected to the horrific abuses at the hands of White Supremacists?

My question is, can the U.S. Government invest in spending billions to undo laws that you stood behind that have destroyed Black/Afrikan lives that Matter, or have we once again been had with nothing but worthless chit-chatter?