Home at last (May 28, 1998)

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– by Gary Craig and Michael Wentzel, Staff Writers –
Democrat and Chronicle.

[In 1998, Betty Tyson was released from Bedford Hills prison after serving 25 years when her wrongful conviction was overturned. Ironically, decades later, her longtime friend Joy Powell is held in the same prison fighting her own wrongful conviction. Read the full story of the overturning of Betty Tyson’s wrongful conviction on democratandchronicle.com. She spent 25 years in prison after a forced false confession to a homicide. This article features an image of Joy embracing a friend the day Betty left prison.]

Betty Tyson returned to Rochester last night, blowing kisses to friends who shouted her name and pounded on the roof of the sheriff’s car that carried her home…

Tears of Joy: Betty Tyson’s new status as a free woman yesterday sparked powerful emotions, especially among these lifelong friends. From left they are Sandra Graham, Cynthia Rowell and Joy Powell. [Meg Kuryla, Staff Photographer]