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I come to plea with you all to please help support one of our Sisters, concerning a very unfortunate matter.

First, allow me to share with all our Sister’s name, which is Rev Joyce Powell and she’s, unfortunately, serving a railroaded, wrongful conviction in prison.

So, I would like to brief you all now with updates, about the decisions made by the facility with regards to a nurse who allegedly assaulted Joy, with a diabetic needle. Joy previously informed us that this issue was seemingly dead in the water and that the facility saw the staff misconduct and the attempted false incident report filed by the nurse who attacked Joy without any type of provocation as a fabrication. It’s been stated, that any staff members can attack, even kill the captives being held inside their jails, prisons, mental hospitals with impunity absent any provocation whatsoever it’s repeated over and over again we all hear the stories.

It seems that the officer a Deputy McCartney who issued the tier III violation, on the N95 mask just a matter of a few months ago against Joy was tasked with interviewing Joy about her complaint she filed, on Nurse Zucker’s assault with a diabetic needle and her attempt to cover up such behavior with false claims that Joy had spoken to Nurse Zucker inappropriately with no regard, for how that sounds and looks based on her unprofessional response and the fact that any accountability always has to result in a massive coverup of tax paid law enforcement and justice employees. Many employees at these facilities can dish it out especially to incarcerated individuals whom the system has already worn down yet when its staff is in the wrong then every attempt is made by staff and their superiors to do everything in their power not to be held accountable, although these are the same individuals who are responsible, for the oversight and punishment of individuals accused, by a flawed system of having allegedly committed a crime and yet not a week passes by where someone new is found to be actually innocent of committing the crime they were convicted of.

Sister Joy has witnesses who were present, but that won’t nearly be enough.
She needs our support the same as before, please.

Power to the people…our unity is our power.

Phone calls, emails, voices of complaint need to be heard, and please share with your networks.

It seems this fight is still not over so Sister, Joy Powell, would greatly appreciate any and all support in the form of phone calls, letters, complaints, she is very grateful for all of the continued solidarity over the years she has received and continues to receive from the all who support her and are concerned about all Political Prisoners including the human beings who are been locked away in some form of this illegal injustice system, which has more citizens locked away inside this country’s prison than any other country in the world.

Joy Powell, #07G0632

  1. Superintendent Elizabeth Gonzalez Russell
    Bedford Hills Correctional Facility
    247 Harris Road
    Bedford Hills, NY 10507
    (914) 241-3100
  2. DOCCS Acting Commissioner:
    Anthony J. Annucci
    1220 Washington Avenue
    Albany, NY 12226
    (518) 457-8182

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  1. Governor Kathy Hochul
    (518)-474-8390 | Office hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm

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The Honorable Kathy Hochul
Governor of New York State
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