‘Free Joy Powell’ launches new campaign to right the injustices of not one, but two, wrongful convictions in Rochester, NY (September 2021)

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The Free Joy Powell Campaign would like to speak with any interested, NYS licensed Pro Bono Attorneys whose areas of practice cover both criminal and civil law. In addition, we would like to speak with any paralegals who would be willing to offer their services to help Rev. Joy Powell fight back and reclaim her stolen freedom back. If you are about fairness, and justice in a system we keep hearing these stories over and over again how the system is corrupt and innocent people everyday are being released after years of incarceration behind wrongful convictions then we certainly would like to speak with you, or if you’re someone who knows someone who might fill those requirements provide them with the contact info below. Serious inquires only we are not here to waste anyone’s time as such we want that same courtesy extended back to Rev. Joy Powell and all members of her volunteer team as well.

Rev. Joy, thanks everyone for your thoughts, prayers, and continued support over what has been more than a decade of false imprisonment inside the State of New York prison system and she is familiar with the stories of the male freedom fighters who also are being held unjustly, and inhumanely after many years have elapsed and she implores everyone to continue fighting to bring our aging Elder Political Prisoners home from across this country we cannot turn a blind eye to such injustice especially in a country that brags about it’s missing in action justice, and democracy and yet it still denies it has Political Prisoners inside its own borders, what hypocrisy.

Please contact Neo Ekwueme at the following links:

FB DM: Neo Ekwueme

Email: nateshead1@gmail.com