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On November 6, 2021, approximately at 6:41pm Political Prisoner Joy Powell who is a diabetic needed to receive her daily insulin shot from medical staff a nurse whose last name is Zucker whom it is my understanding there were no incidents in the past that occurred between her and Sister Joy which would have raised any alarm bells but without provocation and unprovoked this Nurse Zucker deliberately stabbed Sister Joy on the top of her left hand in one of her fingers with a diabetic needle. To add even further insult to the victim here the nurse then wrote up a false report claiming that Sister Joy called her a “crakkka” to attempt to cover up her actions and get away with that assault through victim-blaming, and although no such pattern or history of such actions or language is in Sister Joy’s file. Sergeant Fann had to make the same nurse treat the injury to Joy’s finger the nurse herself caused. This creates another problem Sister Joy is forced to still receive medical treatment, and her diabetic shots from the same person who assaulted her without cause yet the outcome would have been worst if Sister Joy had gone off instinct and defended herself. The madness of their system, policies, and protocols that are harmful to the most vulnerable of all, the incarcerated.

Sister Joy has witnesses who were present but that won’t nearly be enough she needs our support because these thugs also have a so-called wall like their peers in blue which is meant to protect them from any accountability. Another Sergeant Fusco co-signed Nurse Zucker’s version of what occurred although he was not even there. Therefore our outrage must be directed at those who continue to aid in these attempted coverups who they support, and condone such unprofessional behaviors and crimes by staff in their employ commit that go unchecked, undisciplined, unprosecuted, or at the very least these perpetrators in the employ of the state should not have a job and be paid with taxpayer dollars. Phone calls, emails, voices of complaint need to be heard and please share with your networks. Sister Joy Powell appreciates any and all support, and solidarity she has received and continues to receive from the outside.

Joy Powell, #07G0632

Superintendent Elizabeth Gonzalez Russell Bedford Hills Correctional Facility 247 Harris Road Bedford Hills, NY 10507(914) 241-3100

DOCCS Office of Special Investigations, (OSI) Call:1-844-OSI-4NYS Email: Link to submit an online complaint:… Mail: Complete a standard complaint form and mail to: Office of Special Investigations – Intake Unit New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision Harriman State Office Campus 1220 Washington Avenue Albany, New York 12226-2050

Governor Kathy Hochul Call: (518)-474-8390 | Office hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm Submit an online complaint: Mail: The Honorable Kathy Hochul Governor of New York State NYS State Capitol Building Albany, NY 12224